About the Artist

In her studio near Fremantle in Western Australia, Pat Dixon creates artworks using a variety of fibres: including wools, silk fibres and silk fabric.

Pat Dixon Textile Artist

Pat’s love of theatre and her involvement with all aspects of theatre productions when she lived in New Zealand, influenced her textile journey. Later when studying art and design in Perth, Western Australia she explored the form, texture and versatility of textile art. However it wasn’t until she moved to the South West hamlet of Balingup that feltmaking arrived in her repertoire.

Pat’s work includes wearable art such as hats, silk and wool wraps, costume pieces, rope adornments; three-dimensional objects; and items for interior design.

How would you describe your creative philosophy?


Pared down


Who or what influences your work?

The Colour Field movement within Abstract Expressionism that emerged in the United States in the 1940s and 1950s – in particular the work of Mark Rothko. Part of the theory of this movement was to influence the viewer through the psychology of colour.

Piet Mondrian and the de Stijl group from Europe with their abstract, pared-down aesthetics reduced to the essentials of form and colour. They simplified visual composition using only black, white and primary colours.

Aerial photography. All those wide open spaces. In particular the Australian photographer Richard Woldendorp. I always endeavour to get a window seat on a plane. This is about viewing the landscape from above and digesting the variety of patterns and colours.

Do you have any favoured materials?

I enjoy working with Australian and New Zealand wools, as well as silk fibres and fabrics. By building relationships with local suppliers I can access the quality and range I need.

Treetops Colour Harmonies

Beautiful Silks

Bilby Yarns

Arts qualifications

Bachelor of Arts – Textiles, Curtin University of Technology, Perth WA

Diploma of Arts – Fine Art, Central Institute of Technology, Perth WA

Certificate of Clothing Construction, Polytechnic West, Perth WA

Associate Diploma – Arts Operations, Central Institute of Technology, Perth WA

Certificate of Art and Design, Central Institute of Technology, Perth WA


2013 Sika Gallery, Ubud, Bali

Amigo Art Management, Bali, Indonesia – One month’s residence in a recognised Ubud gallery.

 2012 Curtin University of Technology

Graduate-in-Residence by invitation from the School of Design and Art for the 2012 academic year.

A Graduate-in-Residence is required to assist technical and academic staff on request and participate in workshop presentations of their own work as well as assist students in their practice.

 2012 Fremantle Arts Centre

1 October to 15 November

During this residency I worked with glass and plastic, experimenting with combining these materials in different ways. This residency gave me freedom to work on many new ideas and challenged me to take an ‘industrial’ approach to work in this medium.