Wall Art

Wall art is constructed with the felt making process which involves the fibres locking together when subjected to heat friction and pressure. The difference between each creation is the dimensions and weight of fibre used – and that depends on whether a fine, lightweight fabric is produced or a heavy more robust work is required.

A more intuitive method is applied when making a silk paper wall art piece. Silk fibre is so light and feathery it often can’t be weighed. That means I rely on my experience to know when it feels just right.

The look, feel and visual impact will be a reflection of the initial design and purpose of the work.

With all my larger works I usually play with a sketch, select colours and then create a drawing in pastels, as the soft blending methods of this medium are complimentary to the way in which wool fibres blend together. All before I begin to create the piece.

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Till death us do part (tying the knot)


8. A Harmonious Trio   The Bridge


1. Hey Girls 1 & 11 Silk paper 2020